Death does not signify the end of a person’s participation in the lives and activities of his family, but is conceived as a process of transition. There is a continued relationship between the living and the dead. This notion of mutual interdependence reinforces the importance of the family as a social unit, with the ancestors providing emotional, social and economic security for the descendants. Through the ancestors, the family is no longer seen as an individual unit, but part of a long continuum of descent.
-Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association


Under The Seventh Sun, 2016
Mirror, photograph, silkscreen print, paper mache mask, joss paper, incense, candle, gold bracelet, cemetery found tiles, antique medicine bottles, rice, home grown fruit, wild flower, marigold grown from seed, milkweed, compost, steel ball bearing, rock, quartz, shell
122cm x 76 cm x 92cm

Under The Seventh Sun, an other view.

Under The Seventh Sun, detail.

Under The Seventh Sun, detail.

Under The Seventh Sun, detail.

Under The Seventh Sun, an other view.


Death does not signify the end of a person’s engagement with the world of the living, it is a process of transition and transformation. Funeral and grave visits often act as social events, gathering the livings under the name of death. It is believed the deceased person’s soul returns home one week after death, therefore the vigil must be kept for seven days.

The seven ethereal bodies will disappear one by one every seven days.

The seven ethereal bodies are the blood.

First is blood of the eye, which is astringent.

Second is blood of the ear, which is cold and doesn’t coagulate easily.

Third is blood of the nose, which is salty.

Fourth is blood of the tongue, which is sweet.

Fifth is blood of the body, which is warm and coagulates easily.

Sixth is blood of the red organs (heart, liver and lungs), which is fishy.

Seventh is blood of the white organs (stomach, small and large intestine), which is foul.


Chinese Auspicious Calendar for Thursday August 18 2016

wedding, accept deposit, marriage engagement, offer sacrifices to gods or ancestors, pray for good lock, pray for pregnancy, travel, house cleaning for bad luck removal, raise scaffolding, move into a house, domestic relocation, collect rent/due, install beam, purchase animal, burial, open coffin for bone picking

Growing plants, digging a well, break ground for building, wedding bed installation, break ground for tomb, purchase home/land

Inauspicious Direction

Auspicious Time