Micro Cinema Être, Montreal, Canada
October 2008-June 2009

Different Kinds of Avant-Garde (10/08/2008)
Films by: Jean-Guillaume Bastien (Les Acteurs Amoureux, 2007), Blu (Muto, 2008),  Neely Goniodsky (Need To Know Why, 2009), Jason Halprin (Fire Air Water, 2003), Philippe Léonard (Perceptual Subjectivity, 2009), Mike Rollo (Lola, 2008), Nina Yuen (Mother, 2003)

Scattered Grains (12/10/2008)
Films by: Zackary Finkelstein (400’ Wind, 2005), Karl Lemieux (Western Sunburn, 2007), Marianna Milhorat (This Is Not An Anchor, This Boat Is Not An Anchor, 2007), Mike Rollo (Ghosts and Gravel Roads, 2008), Daïchi Saïto (Chiasmus, 2003), Émilie Serri (À l’est des vents, 2009)

Personal Matters (02/11/2009)
Films by: Sarah Claudon (F To M, 2006), Ember Erebus (Regret and Desire -A Letter To My Lovers, 2009), Shannon Harris (Lacuna, 2008), Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine (Disadoption, 2008), Lindsay Mcintyre (Though She Never Spoke, This is Where Her Voice Would Have Been, 2008), Tamara Taddeo (La neige rouillée, 2006), Nina Yuen (Clean, 2006)

Word Play (04/08/2009)
Films by: Amber Goodwyn (Polyp, 2009), Nika Khanjani (Current Landscapes, 2007), Kim Kielhofner (Snap Shot, 2008), Peter Rose (Secondary Currents, 1982), Francesca Silveri (Of The Essence, 2010), Malcolm Sutherland (Birdcalls, 2005)

The Non-Ordinary World (06/17/2009)
Films by: Charles Chadwick (Infiltration, 2009), Charles Chadwick (The Circle to Vanish, 2009), Jonathan Franco (Living Land, 2008), Karl Lemieux and Claire Blanchet (Trash and No Star, 2008), Kerry Laitala (Spectrology, 2009), Leslie Supnet (Sun Moon Stars Rain, 2009)